Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, the new year is about to begin! We are so blessed in our lives. Christmas was absolutely wonderful. Every year seems to get better and better. I think it's all perspective. Letting go of perfection and letting life happen. At the same time not letting life slide past but being an active participant.

I truly pray you all have had a blessed Christmas spent with the people you love.

With New Years Eve upon us, I've started thinking about what I want to have happen this next year. What we should do for activities. What we can do to change our behaviours. (When I say we I really mean me). So I guess I'm making resolutions. I've ne er been a New Years resolution kind of girl...but here I am.

Number 1: It's okay if my plans don't work out...ever! There are a lot of us in this family and it's my job to help them to reach their goals and dreams. That is a beautiful thing!

That being said...

Number 2: Learn to knit. Better. I'm very slow and would like to make mittens and toques for my littles.

Number 3: Better time management.

Number 4: Give away all this stuff that is cluttering up my life that I think I need but really I don't.

Number 5: Read more and better. I want to read classic literature and more of the bible. Much much more.

Number 6: Enjoy the moment.

Number 7: Blog more!

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Little

On Oct. 26th our new little boy was born.  10 lbs 15 oz and 21 3/4 inch long.

Isn't he the best?  Every one is enjoying him so much and he seems to like us too. 

Meal Planning

Meal planing is not my favorite thing to do.  Any help I can get the better.  I found this meal planner/grocery list that seems to be a good help so I thought I'd share.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What to Eat

After three or four months of questionable nutrition for myself and family, I'm making a stand.  My kids are having a hard time with just being kind and it's not from a lack of discipline.  They cannot, simply are not able, to have any type of a relationship with each other that doesn't involve anger and screaming and hitting and whining and freaking out.  (And I'm not much better.)  Some boys (and me) are gaining too much weight while others are way too thin.

I am putting the blame firmly at my feet because I buy the food and I have been lax in my food prep.  Confession time...!  Being pregnant makes me tired and cranky so I go the easy route way too often and everyone gets peanut butter sandwiches for supper...three days in a row.  Or is it the easy way I turn to that makes me tired and cranky?  It's a cycle that continues to get worse and worse.  Better nutrition will give us what we are lacking to dig our way out.

We need more nutrient dense foods that will add life and health to us.  Less of the junk that steals life and health from us.  So here are some of my temporary and very stricked rules:
  • more fermented food.  yum
  • no sugar (should that include honey?
  • very little milk (mucus problems with one boy) unless fermented.
  • only a small amount of cheese.
  • lots of protein, protein protein.
  • lots of fats.  (coconut oil, olive oil etc.)
  • no wheat (eek!)
  • very little carbs.
Our bodies were created to burn either sugar or fat for energy.  When we eat fat, our brains think all is well and burn burn burn.  Doesn't need to store for later.  But when we eat sugar and carbs (which your body converts to sugar) our brains know of the inferior-ness (is that a word) of that energy source and thinks things must be bad, so it will store most of those calories.  That's called body fat!

So starting tomorrow, boys had pie just before lunch thank-you my man, we will be going hard core.  Just hit the local health food store on thier 20% off day and we are set for coconut oil, hemp protein powder, yogurt starter, brown rice pasta and Symon's Super Mix which is a green food powder made here in the prairies.  (Also bought a Neti Pot and salt for it but that's another story.)

Wish me luck and good health.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've sewn together the squares for a patchwork circle skirt.  Four tiers and 98 four inch squares.  Makes me smile.  The boys helped me lay them all out in a random pattern because I can no longer crawl around on the floor.

Feels good to get the machines rolling again.  There are many blogs out there that are so rich with ideas and tutes and free patterns.  Indietutes and Made are two that I frequent.  Everything seems do-able and simply fun.  Made even has a whole shwack of tutes and guest post/tutes/links called Celebrate the BOY.  Totally love it!  I want to make them all.  Hard to find cool stuff to sew for the little men so it's nice to have such awesomeness in one place.  There's crazy cute girls stuff, too.

I have a whole list of things to sew before we go to bible camp on the 18th.  Not to mention a birthday boy to appease on the 14th with Dino Cake to make, gifts to make or buy, decorations to hang.  Think we'll go to the thrift store to get some of the needed clothing items.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grand Dreams

This has been a time of change and dreams.  On one hand it has been a grand and wonderful time but on the other it has been nerve wracking and horrible...usually at the same time.

I like to think of myself as spontaneous and adventurous but children have put a real damper on this type of a life style.  There are things you just can not do when pregnant or nursing.  Also, it's not just me I take on adventures anymore.  Five little ones come along and they get hungry and thirsty and tired and hot.  Too much forethought needs to happen for us to go to the store let alone an adventure. 

My spontaneous adventures have come to an end along with the spirit that drove it.  Maybe I've just grown-up.

So when my husband tells me we have a opportunity to buy into the nicest restaurant in town but we will need to go into a previously unfathomable amount of debt to do it (including using the equity in our home...our nest egg,) I am excited and freaking out.

Plus, we need a new van because we are running out of seats.  Come October we will need more space than our seven passenger van holds.  Yep...we are pregnant!  Baby number six if you can believe it.  (I get a bit twitchy when I start to think about the laundry...and feeding everyone...and the cleaning.) 

I need a system.  Like that'll work.  There are all these plans/dreams that I have thought out for my family but the problem is that I have to implement them.  Great thinker...bad at the follow through.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Dolls

For Christmas Jelly Bean received a beautiful doll from my dear at Indietutes. I love home made toys.

Here is one I made using her tute.


Here she waits for her friend...


There she is! Aren't they happy?


Wh-what was that? What just happened?



Oh...oh they are okay...


They are doing what they were created to do!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


How many people have fulfilling lives?

There are people in my life who are so negative to me and my family.  These are people who we cannot "escape."  Unless they do something REALLY bad, (which I hope they don't) we're stuck.  From how I clean house, to homeschooling, to how we raise out children, how we dress them, even their (the children's) little quirks, to what we eat, where my husband works, how much money he makes, even how many children we have...everything we do isn't good enough or just plain WRONG.  It is exhausting just to be in the same room.


...look at quality of life.  My house is a mess and I rarely see all my counter top at the same time (can we say never?) the floor in the basement is covered with a maze of train tracks and Play Mobil people and critters.  Two loads of clothes to wash and 5 more to fold.  School to be planned and executed.  Table covered with valentine creations.  Books everywhere.  Children screaming, running, laughing, playing, creating, loving, sharing, praying and working.  Myself cooking, working, sharing, teaching, loving, creating, cuddling, snuggling, playing, praying, laughing, running and screaming (usually because they can't hear me.)


This to me is life!  A fulfilling life.  I can't imagine how it can be better.  (I can imagine how it can be better when I'm in the thick of it.  Running and screaming, four boys, winter, small house, crying baby...!  But the lessons I learn on a daily bases makes my life better than my imaginings.)

No amount of money would make my life better.  Easier, yes but not better.  Joy is found in your heart and in being content in all circumstances.  Only God has been able to do this for me.

I refuse to compare myself and my family to others.  We all have our stories.  (I personally think people who have spotless houses either don't have kids at home OR have some deep issue that they need help for.  Maybe they think the same of me!)  I also refuse to make excuses for the messiness of my house or the quirkiness of my kids or why I'm not working out of the house for money.  It just is, how it is*, until it is different so I am content and joyful.   Life is GOOD.

* I'm not talking about stagnation in my life.  Constant growth and change while being content where I am at now.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Singing Toys

My little girl is almost one year old.  On the 26th of this month my baby will be one.

That is not what this post is about.

This little girl has hit the developmental stage where she fights when changing her diaper.  It always amazes me that such little bodies can be so strong.  They must have another hormonal gland, or carbohydrate store in which to call upon in times of diaper changes.

Me singing use to be enough, but the stress on me of screaming baby causes brain shut down and zero songs come to mind.  This in itself is highly odd for I usually always have a song in my head and daily conversations have be linked to me spontaneously breaking into song because someone has by chance said a lyric.  (I have also been known to sing what I am saying...usually to the dismay of others and almost never in public.)  God also new that I was going to have four boys so he has given to me an awfully powerful set of lungs which have been used to clear houses of party-ers, break-up bar fights, kept children from getting run over, called children from over a block away to supper and on occasion has been used to, on a whim, sing in public, just because I could (and I like freaking out my boys.)

All that being said, and most of it irrelevant, I have been forced to do something I do not like to do.  You see, I hate plastic.  Ex specially plastic toys.  AND plastic toys with batteries are the ( of the)bane of my existence.  Once again, having four boys the noise level stays kinda high even when they are playing quietly.  Little boys with plastic toys that take batteries is enough to drive their mama to blog about it or go insane (which when you have lungs like mine everyone on the block knows you've gone nuts, but they all know you have boys so they understand.) 

All that being see, she got this little PLASTIC tea party set that has BATTERIES and it sings.  She wants the tea pot that sings when I change her diaper.  Oh, I seem to have run out of words.  I have to push that little button 6 times just to change a wet diaper.  Now, try to guess what song is in my head all of the time?  At the the store...folding clothes...!

If you have any ideas let me know.  I'm trying red wine tonight.  I doubt it will help with diaper changes.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Loooong Time

Oct 6, 2010 was my last post.  I knew it was a long time!  Life seems to have gotten in the way of blogging as life seems to do.

Reflecting, as January usually sees me doing, I've noticed that although I have a wonderfully blessed and full life, is this all that there is?  Not that I am not thankful for all God has given.  Crazy thankful!  Seems to me the details of life are filling it up and there is nothing NEW. 

Get up-breakfast-cleaning-feeding-washing clothes(oh the clothes)-lunch-meal plan-cook-make beds-baths-showers-getting everyone dressed-teeth brushing-refereeing-school-reading to the kids-grocery shopping...I'm getting destressed just thinking about it. 

The stuff that needs to be done gets in the way of what I want to do. 

Time for a change.

I'm going to open the door to new-ness and let the fresh breeze of life into my enjoy the uncomfortable sharpness of the icy air on my stuck in a rut facial expression.  I'm going to do new things and old stuff I have stopped doing.  And do you know why?

Because I can.

It's been a long time coming.