Saturday, April 9, 2016

Road to the Farm

Anyone who knows me, even a little, know's that I am a dreamer.  At any given moment I am thinking or planning or dreaming of how to do something...or do something better.  And not just one thing at a time.  I am thinking or planning or dreaming about everything, always!

Well, maybe not EVERYTHING but close enough.  Plans about the garden, school, de-cluttering, painting, renovating, the restaurant, blogging, promotions, vacations, crafts, cooking, family gatherings and what the future holds.

 The thing is, with so much going on in my head, I don't feel like I can get any traction.  All of these ideas swirl around and around in my thoughts that nothing really happens to them.  I read recently about how the difference between a dream and reality is writing it down.  Somehow the act of writing down your dream makes it come true.

It isn't magic, of course.  Work is involve after the writing, but putting your dream on paper makes it tangible...a longer in the aether but something of substance.

That's when we can finally get to work and we can make some progress!!

Here I am to say...I want to live on a farm.  Not just an acreage...I want a FARM!  I want to own it, LAND, with my husband and I want to live there with him and our children.

This a dream that has lived in my head for so many years without anyway to become reality.  I don't speak of it to many people.  I have pushed it down and to the back because of the impossibility of it's reality.  Many times I have buried my dream under the laundry or cooking or any other of the million and a half things I do everyday because the idea of this dream, dreamt but unrealized, was more than my earthly heart could bear.

The thing is...

I want to live on a FARM!

And chickens!  I can't tell you how much of my brain computing power and time I use thinking about chickens.  It's ridiculous.  Planning the chicken tractors.  Housing in the winter...should they stay in the greenhouse to add warmth for the plants?  Growing fodder in the winter.  Growing mealworms for winter protein.

The same for pigs and cows and sheep (maybe) and rabbits (maybe).

The dream needs to be given wings by my incredible, God given Imagination, to take flight and become whatever it may become.  Hopefully, prayerfully, it will become of my own!  If not, hopefully, prayerfully, it will lead me to where I am to be.

Although living on a farm is not going to happen this week or even this month, there are thing I can do now to get me closer to where I want to be.  I am going to take this time in my life to learn (Mmm, delicious) everything that I can about farm life and natural living and the skills I will need when I am 30 minutes or more away from a town.  I'm going to learn everything I can about me!  What am I willing to do?  More importantly, what am I NOT willing to do?

So, I have written my dream down here on my blog.  Now what?  Well, I need to make this house sellable!  Fix it up so it will sell quickly when the time comes.  And do that with cash!  No more debt!  Speaking of debt...time to pay everything off!  The less debt we have the more available cash we have to build our dreams!  That is a very good start.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Crocheted Temperature Blanket...March Addition

This lovely blanket of mine just keeps growing!  One row at a time.  Sometimes 6 rows at a time but I won't tell you how easy it is to fall behind.

 We had some very nice weather!  I love the one stripe of orange in there.  It is my favourite colour...I think.  I know it looks's orange.

I am surprised by how looking at this blanket jogs my memory.  I wasn't expecting to remember the days like I do now.  I remember the walk we went on the day I crocheted that orange stripe.  I remember those days where is was surprisingly chilly...for this year.  I remember conversations and movies and cuddles and snuggles and children falling asleep under the ever-growing blanket while I work one more row.

It is a beautiful and mystical time.

Also, this is 3 months worth of blanket.  I think I should have done a single crochet!!  This thing is going to be huge!!

Go and take a look at my Niece Emily's Temperature Blanket!  So different than mine but so very lovely!