Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Poo-less: to no longer use shampoo (or conditioner) to wash your hair.

Over the last year I've been mostly shampoo free.  For me, I would just go a long time between washes.  It worked well for me but I really wanted to be totally free from shampoo and conditioner. 

The problem, as I have always seen it, is that I have long hair.  I mean it is long.  Really long.  I climbed into the van today and I sat on it.  Down to my tailbone.  It is also fine.  AND I have a lot of it.  A lot.  Washing and conditioning my hair is an event.  Takes about 20 minutes in the shower and about 6 hours to air dry on a warm day.

Resently, I read a post, didn't bookmark it, that said the secret to no shampoo is to leave the vinegar in your hair. 

So, armed with 2 tablespoons of baking sodain a large glass; a pitcher with 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and some free time (not really,) I gave it a try.  I also added some lavender oil in with the vinegarbecause my husband likes the smell.

I wet my hair very well and added about 1 1/2 cups of water to the baking soda and mixed well.  Then I slowly poured it over my scalp and tried to scrub it into my head.  You only need to sctub your scalp, just water will clean most everything out of the length.  I decided to just see what happened and rinsed it very well to find my hair squeaking it was so clean.

Then I filled the pitcher the rest of the way with water and dipped the length of my hair into it for about 30 seconds.  I then slowly poured the vinegar water over my scalp.  I DID NOT rinse the vinegar out.
(I was afraid, I'll tell ya.  Afraid to try, because I didn't want it not to work.  I wanted it to work but didn't think it would work for my hair.)

Are you ready for my verdict?

It's fan-tas-tic!  I'd even say it's better than shampoo and conditioner.  I am shocked actually.  This is so much cheaper, faster and easier, with my long hair, than regular washing.  I can't even believe I can brush it without conditioner but it is easier to brush through than before.   AND shiny!  Silky and shiny.  Even a day later it is still soft.

So if you are on the fence like I was, jump over to my side and enjoy more freedom from cemicals.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby

This day is one of celebration.  My Honey is one year older today.  Bench mark days, where we can look back and remember what has happened in the last year.  Part of the flow of life and family.  Where we can celebrate who we are as individuals and as a family.

Wow, I. love. him.  It is a hard core, from the belly, almost primal kind of love that is soft and all consuming.  He is my best friend.  He can be dark but his smile speaks of the torrents of laughter and passions that lay within him, just beneath his handsome face.

Oh, how. I. love. him.  I would not change a thing about him but I pray for God to grow him into who he is to be.  He so lovingly tolerates my failings, my faults, without so much as a word of harshness.  And if I am harsh or unfair to him, he never brings it up.  When I am sad or overwhelmed his hug, oh his hug, restores me reminds me things will be right again, too keep believing because God is in control.

This year he became the father of a little girl.  There is something about a man who is the father of a girl.  There is something about a man who is the father of a boy or four.  There is something about THIS man...

What a gift I was given when God gave him to me.

You are my heart, baby.  I will love you fiercely and with all I am, forever.

Caleb's pics 097

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fermented Dill Pickles

Oh yum!

fermented sour pickles 005

Last weekend we went to the local farmers market where I purchased some wonderful vegetables, grass fed beef burgers and some honey.  The honey is marvelous in my tea.  We had BBQ hamburgers for supper last night.  There is no comparison to store hamburger.  Ketch-up and mustard are not needed.  Nor a bun. Just some fermented sauerkraut...yummy.  The meat has a flavour and is filling! 

I bought some pickling cucumbers and they are being turned into sour fermented pickles, if all goes well.  This recipe comes for Nourished Kitchen.  She has how-to's for many ferments without whey including an apple beet relish that I'm going to try next.

fermented sour pickles 006

For sour dill pickles you need only the cucumbers, garlic, onions, pickling spice, water, celtic sea salt and oak leaves.  On the Nourished Kitchen site she says to use horse radish leaf but I do not have access to any.  It is needed for the tannins to keep the pickles crisp and I hear oak leaves work.  (I hate mushy pickles.)

fermented sour pickles 010

We tasted them last night and they aren't quite done...but they are very good. I'll give them two more days and try them again. Next time I going to use more dill. Can't wait to give some to Jelly-Bean and the boys.