Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glimpses Of...

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1. My beautiful bunting.
2. Fabulous little man.
3. Organized bliss of herbs and spices.
4. Me and my boy.
5. Before...
6. ...and After.
7. Our (more than) slightly psycho kitten, who is teaching our good cat, naughty things.
8. Little man again because he is so full of Wonderful.

Picture credit: a mix of myself, my C-Rex and a friend.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


For years I have enjoyed homeschooling my children the unschooling way.  Child led learning is the best way for a child to learn.  To testify to that, my boys have forgotten more about dinosaurs than I will ever know.  The tools to learn about dinosaurs were theirs to use and they used them to the extreme.

One day I prayed and asked God that they would find another interest.  He answered, "Sure...how about this..."  They discovered Star Wars.  Now, I am a HUGE Star Wars fan.  In grade 5 I would come home from school and watch Star Wars: A New Hope (which was just called Star Wars back then when things made sense) EVERY DAY.  That's right, every day.  I could recite the whole movie, word for word.  So I thought, "Great!!  Star Wars!  Yay!  Thank goodness no more dinosaurs.  After a week, I asked God to bring back the dinos.

The first few days of mock Lightsabor duels and X-Wing Fighter battle sounds was almost fun.  The endless paper trails of Star Wars themed drawings...darling.  After a week...not so much fun and not so darling.  Day 10 I was going psycho.  Just too much Star Wars for a grow-up female brain to take.  I begged God to bring back the dinos.

My point being is that not always is a child's choice going to be the best one.  (Not nessisarily one that I can live with.)  Given the choice my boys would choose to taunt, tease and bug one another until they start to hit, call names and totally lose control, over, doing their math.  I have learnt this first hand.  I've also learnt that I have a tendency to loose it in these times, too, and that makes for a long long long day of accomplishing nothing.

So, being a woman who believes in child led learning, and who happens to have 6 children who all have their own demands for my time (as they should, God give me strength) I have come to an epiphany.  I enjoy what sanity I have remaining and I will endeavour, with God's leading, to retain it.

World English Dictionary
1. the manifestation of a supernatural or divine reality
2. any moment of great or sudden revelation

Maybe child led learning is a worldly way of thinking of education.  "What is best for the child" might be teaching them to be selfish.  I must think about that a bit.

All of that being said I am spending a whole shwack of bucks on some fabulous curriculum I found (spent hours researching) at CHER in Calgary.  I have yet to order because they take purchase order numbers but I need to get one from my "school."  Also, I have a bad habit of impulse buying.  I need to think about the different books for a few more days.  Write it all out again and again.  Figurin' and planning till I think I have it all planned out. 

OH and I must pray about it.  Silly me.  Always puttin' the cart before the horse. 

Found this beautiful blog.  Loving it.  She has created a fantastic chore chart that I will implement ASAP and has inspired me with her workbox system.  She didn't come up with the idea but she has explained it in a wonderful way and has added pictures.  For me, it is a visual break down of what needs to get done in a day.  I can set it up, one for each child, and they won't need to ask me all the time what they need to do next.  Most times I am just too busy to get the next thing out.  This way it is all ready for them.  I'm envisioning the teaching of any new material in the morning (while hubby is home and can love on the littles) then the boys can work on the boxes with minimal help from me.  That sounds so bad but this "system" encourages independent learning and thinking.  Really, shouldn't we all endevour to be more independent thinkers. 

There should be much less nagging by me too.  I can't stand the sound of my nagging voice.  Can't imagine what it must sound like from the outside.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Tea Party

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Photos by the boy in the pics.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Ta-Dah!

There is something so gratifying when you work with your hands. I'm more at rest with the world around me when I have something to work on, some craft to stitch or sew. Each small stitch added to the one before it slowly transforms a ball of yarn, or piece of fabric, into a masterpiece of creativity and love.

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And in the kitchen. To see ingredients come together, to make a nurishing and tasty meal for my family...even if they tell me the don't like it...is a treasure. Sometimes I make food I know they won't like just to see how they will react. I always make sure that there is something they will like on the table, but let's face it, I'm a stay at home mom and I've got to get my kicks somewhere. This day I wasn't thinking of my kicks. This day was for fun.

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This day I let them help...well...they let me help.

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The beet kvass just finished fermenting and the kraut is almost done, I'll try it later today. There is pink yarn on my 5mm hook and many little doll pieces cut out waiting for embroidered faces. (Is permanent marker REALLY VERY permanent on cotton? If I could just draw the faces on the little dolls, that would be sooo awesome!)

Nita's blog Jan 2012 004

Little Jelly Bean is right into singing. Her favorite song is "Soft Kitty" sung on "the Big Bang Theory". What does that tell you about my parenting style?

So, just off the hook is a hat for littlest man. Ta-Dah!!

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So cute on him! Love the way the braids come down to his knees. I used this pattern size 3-6 months and used all the extra rows plus one more row after the stripe. Very simple pattern and she has for all sizes newborn to adult.

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I could just eat him up!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bucket List

I'm figurin' I need a bucket list. Kinda like goals only without the school-ish-ness. "Bucket list" is just cooler sounding than "goals". Of course, I haven't seen the movie, so maybe I'm wrong. I don't really care. Goals are something we do because we are supposed to. Bucket List we do because we want to.

Also, I reserve the right to change any of these, or add to them, without notice and without permission from anyone because I can.

I want to learn another language. (I was going to say French, to be a good little Canadian, but I really don't want to learn french as my "first", second language.) Learn to knit. Learn sign language. Always have something I have made with my own hands in each child's closet. Spend less. Live with few possessions. Cook from scratch. Have a huge garden. Learn to preserve from my huge garden. Learn about herbs and herbal remedies, essential oils and how to use them. Climb a mountain. Live in another country for 3 months. Go hang gliding. Go scuba diving. Swim in the ocean. Learn to enjoy house keeping. Read the whole bible. Read the whole bible with my family. Become the help meet God intends for me to be. Teach what I know. Be teachable. To grow my hair long again. Eat food that gives life. To be encouraging. To take the train. Own a milking cow or goats...and chickens. To build a Quonset house with my family on 40+ acres. Ferment more. Be a bee keeper. Have another baby girl. Learn Latin. Volunteer regularly. Travel across Canada, slowly.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Glimpses Of...


1. Almonds and pumpkin seeds soaking.
2.  Preparing beet kvass.
3.  New diaper covers that came in the mail.
4.  Little girl hair pretties, old school!
5.  Sauerkraut fermenting.
6.  A little something I'm hooking for my littlest man.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Traditions and Projects.

I'm spending this first week of the new year planning and just hanging out with my kids. Right now my Man and the kids are watching "The Return of the King." We watch the first two movies since Christmas. Maybe it will become a new tradition that will continue through out the years. I think I'd like that.

My beloved niece is going to find a knitted toque pattern for me to try out. She is a much better knitter Than I am and can find me a simple pattern I can knit for my newest little man. I can't wait to get my hands into a project again. I'm giddy in my head at the thought.

There are plans forming in my noodle for a new afghan for my couch with a few crocheted pillows. Can't wait for the splashes of colour it will add. I have recently painted my whole living space white (it had been very red, blue and orange) so now colour can be seen and not just blend in. I have our beautiful, colourful bunting up for Christmas but it will be coming down soon. Colour will be needed and I will happily oblige. He he!