Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, the new year is about to begin! We are so blessed in our lives. Christmas was absolutely wonderful. Every year seems to get better and better. I think it's all perspective. Letting go of perfection and letting life happen. At the same time not letting life slide past but being an active participant.

I truly pray you all have had a blessed Christmas spent with the people you love.

With New Years Eve upon us, I've started thinking about what I want to have happen this next year. What we should do for activities. What we can do to change our behaviours. (When I say we I really mean me). So I guess I'm making resolutions. I've ne er been a New Years resolution kind of girl...but here I am.

Number 1: It's okay if my plans don't work out...ever! There are a lot of us in this family and it's my job to help them to reach their goals and dreams. That is a beautiful thing!

That being said...

Number 2: Learn to knit. Better. I'm very slow and would like to make mittens and toques for my littles.

Number 3: Better time management.

Number 4: Give away all this stuff that is cluttering up my life that I think I need but really I don't.

Number 5: Read more and better. I want to read classic literature and more of the bible. Much much more.

Number 6: Enjoy the moment.

Number 7: Blog more!

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