Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Here We Go Decluttering

Whew!  We have been busy!

Between filling dings, sanding, painting, decluttering, building shelving, weed whacking and installing a toilet, I haven't had a moment to spare.  Well, I have had a few moments but exhaustion led me to reading instead of blogging.

I'm writing today to encourage you to get started with decluttering.  Find one thing...one item you don't use or love.  Put it in the garbage, or if it is still in good condition, the give away or sell box.  Just do it.  It feels so good!

And if you like how that feels, grab a box and go around your home and find 5 things to give away or sell or toss.  If you are very ambitious, fill the box!  Fill it to the top.

I can't be bothered to try to sell my stuff.  No time to do all that is needed to make that happen.  I am blessed just by having the cleaner, easier to clean, easier to find things, home!  I also know that God will bless me with what I need.  So, if I come across something of value, $30 or so, I will sell that item but not stuff worth $2 or so.

It is not easy!  It is hard work and sometimes very emotional.  Feel the feels and let it go.

Speaking of "Let it Go"...my 3 year old son had been singing/screaming that song every day we have been working on decluttering, keeping me focused.  Amazing little man.  God uses children!

I've now decluttered the...
---dinning room
---living room
---master bedroom
---school room
---front yard
---back yard
---kids clothes X6
---my closet and husband clothes
---book shelves

Again I'll say, "Whew!"

Yesterday, we tackled decluttering the storage room, where I built some shelves out of scrap wood laying around the house.  Next we decluttered under the stairs.

Three van loads of garbage and give away.  THREE.

Why was I holding on to these things?  Oh the freedom!  FREEDOM!!

I also found some brackets for more shelves!  The perfect size to fit behind the door of the store room.  Building functional storage solutions for ONLY the stuff we use.

AND, I'm still not done!  I have the kitchen to work on, front closet, movies, Christmas decorations, laundry room, furnace room, our parking area and the kids bedrooms.  My oldest two boys have been pretty good at never having too much stuff.  I'm glad the the hoarding gene missed them!  Letting go of things is something we need to teach to our children.  I think the key to them learning how to give stuff away is to teach them first that things are not important.  People are important and relationship are important.  When our "stuff" begins to interfere with our relationships, that is when there is a problem.

Oh, I forgot to mention how my husband was inspired by the less-ness.  He worked on decluttering his office on his last day off.  He is really enjoying his much more functional work space/man cave.