Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grand Dreams

This has been a time of change and dreams.  On one hand it has been a grand and wonderful time but on the other it has been nerve wracking and horrible...usually at the same time.

I like to think of myself as spontaneous and adventurous but children have put a real damper on this type of a life style.  There are things you just can not do when pregnant or nursing.  Also, it's not just me I take on adventures anymore.  Five little ones come along and they get hungry and thirsty and tired and hot.  Too much forethought needs to happen for us to go to the store let alone an adventure. 

My spontaneous adventures have come to an end along with the spirit that drove it.  Maybe I've just grown-up.

So when my husband tells me we have a opportunity to buy into the nicest restaurant in town but we will need to go into a previously unfathomable amount of debt to do it (including using the equity in our home...our nest egg,) I am excited and freaking out.

Plus, we need a new van because we are running out of seats.  Come October we will need more space than our seven passenger van holds.  Yep...we are pregnant!  Baby number six if you can believe it.  (I get a bit twitchy when I start to think about the laundry...and feeding everyone...and the cleaning.) 

I need a system.  Like that'll work.  There are all these plans/dreams that I have thought out for my family but the problem is that I have to implement them.  Great thinker...bad at the follow through.

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