Saturday, January 15, 2011

Singing Toys

My little girl is almost one year old.  On the 26th of this month my baby will be one.

That is not what this post is about.

This little girl has hit the developmental stage where she fights when changing her diaper.  It always amazes me that such little bodies can be so strong.  They must have another hormonal gland, or carbohydrate store in which to call upon in times of diaper changes.

Me singing use to be enough, but the stress on me of screaming baby causes brain shut down and zero songs come to mind.  This in itself is highly odd for I usually always have a song in my head and daily conversations have be linked to me spontaneously breaking into song because someone has by chance said a lyric.  (I have also been known to sing what I am saying...usually to the dismay of others and almost never in public.)  God also new that I was going to have four boys so he has given to me an awfully powerful set of lungs which have been used to clear houses of party-ers, break-up bar fights, kept children from getting run over, called children from over a block away to supper and on occasion has been used to, on a whim, sing in public, just because I could (and I like freaking out my boys.)

All that being said, and most of it irrelevant, I have been forced to do something I do not like to do.  You see, I hate plastic.  Ex specially plastic toys.  AND plastic toys with batteries are the ( of the)bane of my existence.  Once again, having four boys the noise level stays kinda high even when they are playing quietly.  Little boys with plastic toys that take batteries is enough to drive their mama to blog about it or go insane (which when you have lungs like mine everyone on the block knows you've gone nuts, but they all know you have boys so they understand.) 

All that being see, she got this little PLASTIC tea party set that has BATTERIES and it sings.  She wants the tea pot that sings when I change her diaper.  Oh, I seem to have run out of words.  I have to push that little button 6 times just to change a wet diaper.  Now, try to guess what song is in my head all of the time?  At the the store...folding clothes...!

If you have any ideas let me know.  I'm trying red wine tonight.  I doubt it will help with diaper changes.

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  1. Do you use cloth diapers? I don't use this technique, but my midwife does. She changes her son's diaper while he's on his stomach. I hope that makes sense, she just pins it so the pins are above his bottom, not in the front. Anyways, he tolerates that much better than being on his back. Maybe you could give her a few toys to play with and change her that way.

    My daughter hates diaper changes as well. But we practice part-time EC, so that helps cut down on the number of diaper changes. However, sometimes I have to deal with accidents. Like today, having to scrub a large area rug due to a #2....