Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What to Eat

After three or four months of questionable nutrition for myself and family, I'm making a stand.  My kids are having a hard time with just being kind and it's not from a lack of discipline.  They cannot, simply are not able, to have any type of a relationship with each other that doesn't involve anger and screaming and hitting and whining and freaking out.  (And I'm not much better.)  Some boys (and me) are gaining too much weight while others are way too thin.

I am putting the blame firmly at my feet because I buy the food and I have been lax in my food prep.  Confession time...!  Being pregnant makes me tired and cranky so I go the easy route way too often and everyone gets peanut butter sandwiches for supper...three days in a row.  Or is it the easy way I turn to that makes me tired and cranky?  It's a cycle that continues to get worse and worse.  Better nutrition will give us what we are lacking to dig our way out.

We need more nutrient dense foods that will add life and health to us.  Less of the junk that steals life and health from us.  So here are some of my temporary and very stricked rules:
  • more fermented food.  yum
  • no sugar (should that include honey?
  • very little milk (mucus problems with one boy) unless fermented.
  • only a small amount of cheese.
  • lots of protein, protein protein.
  • lots of fats.  (coconut oil, olive oil etc.)
  • no wheat (eek!)
  • very little carbs.
Our bodies were created to burn either sugar or fat for energy.  When we eat fat, our brains think all is well and burn burn burn.  Doesn't need to store for later.  But when we eat sugar and carbs (which your body converts to sugar) our brains know of the inferior-ness (is that a word) of that energy source and thinks things must be bad, so it will store most of those calories.  That's called body fat!

So starting tomorrow, boys had pie just before lunch thank-you my man, we will be going hard core.  Just hit the local health food store on thier 20% off day and we are set for coconut oil, hemp protein powder, yogurt starter, brown rice pasta and Symon's Super Mix which is a green food powder made here in the prairies.  (Also bought a Neti Pot and salt for it but that's another story.)

Wish me luck and good health.


  1. I started GAPS about a week ago. Fell off the wagon this weekend but now I'm back on. Honey is okay in moderation for me, I would think it would be okay for you. Raw is best.

    HOWEVER my son is a sweet freak, and if he gets just a bit of sweet such as fruit or honey then he'll obsess over it. I makes me want to swear off anything sweet for him, but then I'm afraid he won't eat and will just nurse. He's 3.5 by the way, so I don't want to go that route. Yay for picky eaters!

    Anyways, congrats on your stand! I'll keep your maily in my thoughts, I know those first few days and weeks are hard. And congrats on the new little one!

  2. Love this, Anita!! How are you doing with all this now?