Thursday, February 10, 2011


How many people have fulfilling lives?

There are people in my life who are so negative to me and my family.  These are people who we cannot "escape."  Unless they do something REALLY bad, (which I hope they don't) we're stuck.  From how I clean house, to homeschooling, to how we raise out children, how we dress them, even their (the children's) little quirks, to what we eat, where my husband works, how much money he makes, even how many children we have...everything we do isn't good enough or just plain WRONG.  It is exhausting just to be in the same room.


...look at quality of life.  My house is a mess and I rarely see all my counter top at the same time (can we say never?) the floor in the basement is covered with a maze of train tracks and Play Mobil people and critters.  Two loads of clothes to wash and 5 more to fold.  School to be planned and executed.  Table covered with valentine creations.  Books everywhere.  Children screaming, running, laughing, playing, creating, loving, sharing, praying and working.  Myself cooking, working, sharing, teaching, loving, creating, cuddling, snuggling, playing, praying, laughing, running and screaming (usually because they can't hear me.)


This to me is life!  A fulfilling life.  I can't imagine how it can be better.  (I can imagine how it can be better when I'm in the thick of it.  Running and screaming, four boys, winter, small house, crying baby...!  But the lessons I learn on a daily bases makes my life better than my imaginings.)

No amount of money would make my life better.  Easier, yes but not better.  Joy is found in your heart and in being content in all circumstances.  Only God has been able to do this for me.

I refuse to compare myself and my family to others.  We all have our stories.  (I personally think people who have spotless houses either don't have kids at home OR have some deep issue that they need help for.  Maybe they think the same of me!)  I also refuse to make excuses for the messiness of my house or the quirkiness of my kids or why I'm not working out of the house for money.  It just is, how it is*, until it is different so I am content and joyful.   Life is GOOD.

* I'm not talking about stagnation in my life.  Constant growth and change while being content where I am at now.

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