Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Traditions and Projects.

I'm spending this first week of the new year planning and just hanging out with my kids. Right now my Man and the kids are watching "The Return of the King." We watch the first two movies since Christmas. Maybe it will become a new tradition that will continue through out the years. I think I'd like that.

My beloved niece is going to find a knitted toque pattern for me to try out. She is a much better knitter Than I am and can find me a simple pattern I can knit for my newest little man. I can't wait to get my hands into a project again. I'm giddy in my head at the thought.

There are plans forming in my noodle for a new afghan for my couch with a few crocheted pillows. Can't wait for the splashes of colour it will add. I have recently painted my whole living space white (it had been very red, blue and orange) so now colour can be seen and not just blend in. I have our beautiful, colourful bunting up for Christmas but it will be coming down soon. Colour will be needed and I will happily oblige. He he!


  1. Hey Anita! I am looking forward to seeing your afghan, in all it's radiant colors! And I love the picture of your little girl from camp. It's only 1/2 a year away, now! Isn't that thrilling? Maybe you'll have your afghan done by then, eh? Go to it, you newbie knitter! You'll be an expert before you know it!

  2. I finally messaged you with some patterns. Hopefully you enjoy those ones, but if not please let me know and I will go hunting again!!! Love you.

  3. P.S I love the idea of white walls with dashes and splashes of the rainbow. I cannot wait to see what you are planning on creating for your living room. Keep me posted.