Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glimpses Of...

Nita's blog Jan 2012 005

Nita's blog Jan 2012 109

Nita's blog Jan 2012 154

Nita's blog Jan 2012 116

Nita's blog Jan 2012 206

Nita's blog Jan 2012 208

Nita's blog Jan 2012 010

Nita's blog Jan 2012 121

1. My beautiful bunting.
2. Fabulous little man.
3. Organized bliss of herbs and spices.
4. Me and my boy.
5. Before...
6. ...and After.
7. Our (more than) slightly psycho kitten, who is teaching our good cat, naughty things.
8. Little man again because he is so full of Wonderful.

Picture credit: a mix of myself, my C-Rex and a friend.


  1. Anita!! Those are awesome pics!! ;) I wish I could blog more....especially adding pictures! I feel like I am wasting my time. :( Anyhoo, stay warm, chickie - and get into His Word!!

  2. What happened to all your stuff? What am I going to poke at when I visit? When I coming to visit? (I don't know, your guess is as good as mine.) Miss you guys :)

  3. We miss you, too, Charity! And the kids! And the Man. All our love and come see us soon. As to our stuff...so much better now!