Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Ta-Dah!

There is something so gratifying when you work with your hands. I'm more at rest with the world around me when I have something to work on, some craft to stitch or sew. Each small stitch added to the one before it slowly transforms a ball of yarn, or piece of fabric, into a masterpiece of creativity and love.

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And in the kitchen. To see ingredients come together, to make a nurishing and tasty meal for my family...even if they tell me the don't like it...is a treasure. Sometimes I make food I know they won't like just to see how they will react. I always make sure that there is something they will like on the table, but let's face it, I'm a stay at home mom and I've got to get my kicks somewhere. This day I wasn't thinking of my kicks. This day was for fun.

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This day I let them help...well...they let me help.

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The beet kvass just finished fermenting and the kraut is almost done, I'll try it later today. There is pink yarn on my 5mm hook and many little doll pieces cut out waiting for embroidered faces. (Is permanent marker REALLY VERY permanent on cotton? If I could just draw the faces on the little dolls, that would be sooo awesome!)

Nita's blog Jan 2012 004

Little Jelly Bean is right into singing. Her favorite song is "Soft Kitty" sung on "the Big Bang Theory". What does that tell you about my parenting style?

So, just off the hook is a hat for littlest man. Ta-Dah!!

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So cute on him! Love the way the braids come down to his knees. I used this pattern size 3-6 months and used all the extra rows plus one more row after the stripe. Very simple pattern and she has for all sizes newborn to adult.

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I could just eat him up!

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  1. I'm trying out one of the patterns you sent me next. Can't wait to try knitting again.