Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fermented Dill Pickles

Oh yum!

fermented sour pickles 005

Last weekend we went to the local farmers market where I purchased some wonderful vegetables, grass fed beef burgers and some honey.  The honey is marvelous in my tea.  We had BBQ hamburgers for supper last night.  There is no comparison to store hamburger.  Ketch-up and mustard are not needed.  Nor a bun. Just some fermented sauerkraut...yummy.  The meat has a flavour and is filling! 

I bought some pickling cucumbers and they are being turned into sour fermented pickles, if all goes well.  This recipe comes for Nourished Kitchen.  She has how-to's for many ferments without whey including an apple beet relish that I'm going to try next.

fermented sour pickles 006

For sour dill pickles you need only the cucumbers, garlic, onions, pickling spice, water, celtic sea salt and oak leaves.  On the Nourished Kitchen site she says to use horse radish leaf but I do not have access to any.  It is needed for the tannins to keep the pickles crisp and I hear oak leaves work.  (I hate mushy pickles.)

fermented sour pickles 010

We tasted them last night and they aren't quite done...but they are very good. I'll give them two more days and try them again. Next time I going to use more dill. Can't wait to give some to Jelly-Bean and the boys.

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