Saturday, April 2, 2016

Crocheted Temperature Blanket...March Addition

This lovely blanket of mine just keeps growing!  One row at a time.  Sometimes 6 rows at a time but I won't tell you how easy it is to fall behind.

 We had some very nice weather!  I love the one stripe of orange in there.  It is my favourite colour...I think.  I know it looks's orange.

I am surprised by how looking at this blanket jogs my memory.  I wasn't expecting to remember the days like I do now.  I remember the walk we went on the day I crocheted that orange stripe.  I remember those days where is was surprisingly chilly...for this year.  I remember conversations and movies and cuddles and snuggles and children falling asleep under the ever-growing blanket while I work one more row.

It is a beautiful and mystical time.

Also, this is 3 months worth of blanket.  I think I should have done a single crochet!!  This thing is going to be huge!!

Go and take a look at my Niece Emily's Temperature Blanket!  So different than mine but so very lovely!  


  1. Thanks for loving my blanket, Aunty! When we are "finished" we will have to take pictures of them side by side, or us holding them up or something! xoxo

    1. Oh we will definitely do this, Emily!! They will both be lovely and very different!