Thursday, April 20, 2017


So, on this strange strange weather day…that started with 3 inches of snow but has turned into almost sun and copious melting, we decided to start some seeds.

A bit late, I know.

But hey, it was snowing this morning.  It’s not like I could put seeds in the ground.  We live in Zone 3!

My little pond.
I love to mix dirt.  I love getting my hands dirty.  
Teaching the children how to get the right mix of “soil” and vermicompost and water.  

It is wonderful to see the kids taking an interest and helping out.  Letting them choose the seed they want to plant.  Letting them fill the little pots with soil and drop in the seed and cover them and water…ever so carefully.

In the garage, I found two heated seed mats!  I have always wanted to buy some but I have never done so.  Couldn’t bring myself to pay for them.  They have been used but when I plugged them in, they work!  I am so excited!  Can’t believe my luck.

There are now way too many tomatoes seeds planted in way too many little pots.  Along with way too many zucchini seeds and not enough flowers…but flowers do not need the supplemental heat, I don’t think.

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