Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Patiently in the Snow


I am tired of snow.

I want sun and warmth and green grass and growing things and fire pits and naps in the yard.

Not inches of snow…3 inches so far, this morning.

It is beautiful…and makes me so angry.

I need to clean up the yard and finish the coop.  Burn some more rotted wood.  Finish taking apart the old greenhouse and clean up that area.  Break ground for the garden. Plant seeds.

God patiently teaches me the lessons that I need to learn.  It does not matter what I want.  He makes the plans.  He knows what is best.  I must wait upon Him.

I want it my way.  

I will wait upon the Lord.  I will wait and read His word and search Him out and learn His way.  

I will also...
              Slow down...
and warm up by the fire, read my book, drink some tea, watch some youtube, and enjoy my family. 

We will rejoice in the Lord always. 

The snow truly is beautiful!  He does good work!

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