Thursday, April 6, 2017

One Month In...

Farm Life…

We are loving living on an acreage!  I mean, I knew that we would but now that we are here and a few weeks in, everyone is thriving!  
One of my many "views."

Everyday, we venture outside, which wasn’t something we did living in town.  And the children run and play and wrestle and climb and explore and build and snowmen and snow forts and smile…life can be lived without internet!  

Speaking of internet, we can’t seem to get any.  Been trying.  We have had three companies come and try but no success.   Pray for us please.  Life can be lived without internet but I thirst for knowledge!  I need access to it!

The cats have decided it is awesome to live here, although it took the older cat much more time to settle in.  We have taken them outside, supervised, a few times this past week.  None of us like the idea of leaving them out there without supervision because…


We have skunks, or skunk.  He was living under our front, covered porch and woke up from his winter hibernation only to spray just outside of our air intake for our furnace.  Woke up in the middle of the night with the whole house smelling, intensely, like skunk!  Took three days to clear out the smell!
Not my skunk...don't want to get that close to my skunk!

The boys “marked their territory” all around the den and sure enough, the skunk has moved to the furthest building, from the house, but still on our property.

We need it gone because they love chicken!  And speaking of…


I have ordered chicks!
Meat birds.  Not even my laying hens.
Not my chicks but aren't they cute!

Man…I am terrified!

There is so much to do and think about before they get here.  So much to learn…and I am still without internet.  Hard to learn anything if I don’t have the tools. 

So, I am going on feel.

I hope I don’t screw up, too much.

Getting day olds, which I was NOT going to do this year.  I just don’t have the equipment.  Guess I’m going shopping for the “stuff” I will need to brood the day old meat chicks that will be showing up on April 26th or 28th.  I am glad that I have a heated garage.  

Electric, solar fencing costs SO much more than I thought it would.  Twice as much.  Sigh.  How else can we do it?   Plug in electric fencing costs even more.  Time to shop around some more, I think.  I only have 8 weeks.


We hired a plumber to work on our ancient pipes and hot water tank.  Scared me when he first came out.  Every time he would look at something new he would either laugh or exclaim, “What is that?!”  


So we have new everything plumbing.  Works like a dream and after he disconnected the antiquated hot water heater, the water has cleared up.

So, now we work.  Getting everything ready for the chickens to come.  Cleaning out some of the old building.  Trimming more trees.  So much to learn.  So much to do.  

Loving this life!

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