Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Glimpse of...Farm Life Noobs

I thought that I would show some of our farm life…so far.  You know…before all my photos are only of chickens.  

About chickens...I messed up my dates.  I don't get to pick them up today.  So sad.  Somehow, I must wait 3 more days.  

I think I may die.
The coop is almost done.  It can house chickens, anyway!  More to be done but we are satisfied, for now.  Off to watch a movie with the kids, now, but I leave this with you all.

It's hard to be a farm cat.

They are sprouting!

Not our eggs...yet!

Trying to charge the new solar powered electric bad the sun hasn't showed itself in two weeks.

Hey, look...a door!

Roosts for the girls.

My son taking a momenst break from doing my bidding/helping me.

7 bales of straw will fit in the back of a Honda Odyssey.

Husband bought me this orchid for Christmas.  Survived the move and still blooming!

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