Friday, April 28, 2017


Today…this happened!

I can’t believe it.

Truly, it has happened.

I have chicks in my garage.

Took a while to figure out the brooder and get it warm enough.  Finally, 30 minutes before I left to pick up the chicks I had the temp right.
Me dipping beaks into the water dish.
...then letting them go.

There is newspaper on the floor and rubber shelf liner on the newspaper for the floor.  The shelf liner will keep the chicks from getting Spraddle Leg, where they can’t stand up.  When the liner gets covered with poo, I will remove one sheet and put a clean one down.  I’ll hose off the dirty one and let it dry in the sun to kill off any germs.  Then repeat when necessary.

So…here I am.  Thinking about all that has happened in the last few months.  

I wonder…
…and think…
…and I am AMAZED!

Is this really me?  Is this really happening?  It is right in front of me but…it is a dream.  A dream realized, sometimes, can not be appreciated appropriately in the moment. 

Thank Goodness

We need time to grasp the fullness and the awesome that God has done.  Time to also understand the dream that hasn’t been fulfilled, or fulfilled the way you had hoped.  

Plus, we get to re-live the AWESOM of the moment again and again in our thoughts and remembrances.  

And that is completely the best!

I have chicks!!


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