Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chickens Chickens Chickens

I am not sure if you have noticed or not but I am ridiculously excited to get chickens!!

Seriously, it would be almost embarrassing if I was the type of person who cared about such things. 


I am getting 20 laying hens on April, 26th.  They will be 13 months old and laying eggs already.  


They are Novogen Layers.  
I will be bringing them home in my Mini Van…in cardboard boxes, in my Mini Van.

It will be fun.

We are refurbishing an old granary for a chicken coop.  A temporary chicken coop.  I have plans.  Surprising, right?


I am getting 75 broilers.  Two days after starting with my layers, I will be bringing home 75 day old chicks!  

I mean, really!  I can hardly contain myself!

Build this brooder for them.  http://www.plamondon.com/wp/build-200-chick-brooder-two-hours-20/  It is going to be wonderful.  Just need to finish the rest of their “enclosure” before they come.  Then I need to think about the type of “tractor” I will be building for them.

STILL need to finish working on the granary-converted-to-chicken-coop I've got going on.  Need to patch the roof and all the holes in the walls and wrap it in plastic, I think.  And add roosts and nesting boxes and buy feed and watering dishes and FEED and figure out the electric fence and cross my fingers that the coyotes don't find us before I get it all worked out.  

There is so very much to do before THE DAY arrives…and the weather seems to not care, AT ALL.  

(Seriously, Weather…that is enough cold and SNOW.  I am sure you have heard from others this year but, it’s April!  Stop snowing and warm up!)

(All pictures are from Pixabay.  I don't have the chickens, yet.)

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