Friday, April 21, 2017

Chicken Count Down!

The countdown continues…

Chickens in 5 days.

I’m not ready!!

I’m more ready than I was…but I am not ready.
Still need to clean up the "chicken yard."

The coop needs more work.  I don’t have any chicken feed for them yet.  I don’t even know what I am going to feed them.  Still need bedding for them.  Nesting boxes, roosts.  A waterer!  

Being more ready than I was is still not being ready…and I am freaking out a bit.  So many hours we have worked.  We have saved so much money retro fitting the granary to be a coop but the hours we have spent!!

So. Much. Time.

Time well spent.  

It is good to work with my hands.  It is good to work with my kids.  It is good to be tired...bone tired...because of all the work.  It is good to rest after I work!  The "rest" is a reward and a time to reflect on all that was done.  Even to reflect on who I am becoming.  I love it! 

And the fresh air is wonderful.  

God sure does know what He is doing.  Which is good, cause I am making it up as I go...hoping and praying that I am in His will.  And doing the best that I can.

Being not ready might even be good for me.  I can only do so much in the time I have. I will do all that I can and then...God has this...He has me and my family.  I won't worry about it.  Sometimes I begin to worry but then I stop because I am so tired that I forget.  Weird.  I think it's the bone tired that makes me forget to worry.  Worry doesn't stop the draft.  Worry won't get the roosts up.  



I can not wait!

Anyway, supper has been eaten and there is still some sun in the sky.  Time to put in a couple more minutes.

Just need to get out of my recliner, first.

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