Monday, April 3, 2017

Chasing a Dream

That's my new house!!

We have only just moved in.
We have had more than our share of struggles.
We have had fights.  
I have broken down into tears more than once. 
The RCMP have even been called on one occasion. is all worth it!
Photo taken November 2, 2016.
Looking outside at my oldest four running and playing and goofing and chasing each other...and talking and building relationships with each other and being free and wrestling and exploring and watching birds...
We are still in the early days. We have so much to do!  
We have so very much to learn and are eager to figure it out. 
Fear is not going to hold us back.
We will not be afraid in the place God has picked for us.
We are not going to be stupid or foolish, either.

But then, maybe some think us foolish.
........I am certain of it.

Dreams are for fools, right?

Then, I am a fool. I am following my dream. It took a very long time but here I am, with my family. We are here.
My dream has become our dream.  
Oh, but it is such a very sweet dream!

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