Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Week in this Place

So much has been happening on The Farm in the last week or so.  

The skunk is STILL at large…tricky little guy.  With all the other “stuff” going on, catching the skunk became less of an emergency.  

The emergency was the barn!  We needed to get it to a state where it wasn’t going to fall on one of the kids…or hubby or I.  OR to a state where we no long felt the draw to hit it with a sledge hammer.  

We also had 7 trees cut down.  Three were very old Poplar trees that were beginning to rot where they stood and would fall on the house if the wind blew them over.  Two were 50 foot tall Sprue trees that grew 10 and 15 feet from the foundation of my house.  They would have taken US out if they fell in a storm.  The last two were smallish (in comparison) Spruce that were in the way of us getting an internet connection.  They HAD to go!!

Public Service Announcement :
Planting a tree needs some thought, people.  60 years from now, what is that tree going to look like?  Will it cause safety issues?  And for goodness sake, plant trees that flower!  And label them…I’m not very good at telling trees apart.  

And now…my yard is such a mess!  I don’t even know where to begin!  The kids cleared off the parking area so at least we can drive up close to the house to unload groceries.  I am very glad the Hubby will be away for a few more days so we can get this looking less like a battle field and more like the park setting it was when he left.  

We certainly have some wood, now.  It will take some time to dry and cure but then we should have wood for days and days.  Guessing at 2.5 to 3 cords.  Not bad at all.

Going to to sell some barn wood and use some to refurbish the old granary into a chicken coop…they are coming sooner than later!  Also, plenty of nice beams in that barn…thinking of the future greenhouse…and the future chicken coop. 

Have I mentioned we are getting chickens? 

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