Thursday, March 3, 2016

Crocheted Temperature Blanket

Oh how I love to crochet!

It is so lovely how the stitches build on each other.  

I've been work on a project that will span the entire year.  365 days.  I am taking a piece of each day in 2016...each day of my life...the lives of my children...and capturing it and crocheting it into a tangible record of US.

We sit every night while, winding down our day, on the couch, the kids and I.  We sit and watch something on TV and I lay the blanket over us while I begin to crochet "today's" row.  And I build todays row, like I did yesterday and I will do again tomorrow.  Slowly, stitch by stitch, then row by row, the memories and days and conversations and cuddles and love are built into this blanket.

Except, for when I don't get around to it for a week.  Then it's a marathon of crazy mad crocheting and trying to remember what row/day I'm on and getting the kids to check what I wrote down as the temperature for three days, four days ago...and don't talk to me right now I trying to remember where I'm at.  Until...finally getting to todays row, I can relax...I'll do this row tomorrow, right?

(This is what the blanket looked like at the end of January.)

(These colours are much closer to the actual, true colour.)

(Folded over a few times...trying to hide the ends I haven't woven in, yet.)

On the right is New Years Day and on the left is the end of February.  February was very warm!  

My lovely niece is building snippets of her life into a blanket as well over at The Knotted Home if you would like to take a look at her beautiful work.

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