Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tiny Homes for a BIG Life

Have you heard of the Tiny House Movement?  It's about living with less.  Less stuff.  Less environmental impact.  Less square footage.

It's also about More!  More time because you aren't shuffling your stuff from one place to another in an attempt to clean.  More time because you only have a few lovely items of clothing to choose from...and they all look good together.  More freedom because your stuff isn't keeping you trapped...you don't need to take care of all of it.

Fy Nyth, Welsh meaning My Nest.

Why do we all want more?  Are we predisposed to think we will be happy if we get this one more item?  I've fallen into that trap more than I like to admit.  Wanting to find my happiness inside of a new pretty box.  What we get is clutter and the Clutter Monster that follows.  Our lives become filled to the brim with nothing.

Maybe we are trying to escape life and our responsibilities.  The reality of our past bringing us to our present existence.  Buy more to cover the heartache of having to much to deal with already.  Too much regret and anger, to many mistakes.  So many people we should forgive and many more we need to ask forgiveness of.  Buy containers to hold and hide what we have, as if a container outside of our hearts can hold the growing bitterness and dread of what we have become...what we have done with the Gift of Life we have been given.  We don't want to think or feel...just want to buy and get that thrill moment.  But that moment is always tainted with that yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach.  You know the thrill will be over almost as fast as it came.

I won't even comment here about debt!  The slow killer of everything.

Think back to the happiest times of your life and I can almost guarantee that they had nothing to do with something you bought.  Or even "something."  Most, if not all of my happiest days, have been about people.  When my children where born.  When I fell in love with my husband.  Walks with friends.  Laughing and playing and joking and hanging out with my family.  These are the what give me the most pleasure in life.  These are my fondest Memories!  This is where I want to live.

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AND our stuff suffocates our memories and our ability to make more of them.  So busy with our clutter and schedules that we can't remember how to have fun or play or dance in the rain...we can't remember the last time we did anything FUN.

Back to Tiny Houses!!  I love them!  Many people are building their own on utility trailers.  Reminds me of a turtle...always bring your home with you where ever you go.  If you have an online occupation, you can go anywhere...live anywhere!  Plans can be purchased online and there are so many to choose from.  The price per square foot is more than conventional homes but less in total money because of the smaller foot print.

I love the idea of the Tiny Home!  BUT, My family of 8 just ain't going to fit in a home that is 8 x 12 or 8 x16.  (Some would argue one person can't live in a place that small.)  To explore and go places with my home on my back!  Lovely!  Not going to happen anytime soon, although, I am encouraging my children to build a Tiny House.  What a great gift to themselves.  Start their lives away from home rent and mortgage free!!

The other day I was thinking about Tiny Homes and how much I would like to live in one.  Live with less because I had too.  No room for me to put anything more.  Clear spaces.  Empty wall space.  Purchase high quality when I buy anything at all.

Then I had an epiphany!  Why can't I live the Tiny House life style now?

I mean really, all a person needs is to have the desire to change and do something different and then have a plan and a follow through.  Have less.  Down size.  Work less.  Play more.  Read more.  Give.  Sing.  Dance.  Love.  Forgive.  Repent.

The funniest thing about all of this is that while dreaming of a Tiny House life, I live in a tiny house.  Well, small anyway.  At 1040 square feet (plus a basement) it's on the small side of average but we don't have an average sized family either.  Every member of my family has their own stuff that they bring into the house because of life.  Kids have toys and clothes and art and school stuff and we can't have only 4 plates, glasses, knives, forks.  Eight or more of all dished and cutlery.  (How much do I keep for when my siblings and their spouses and children and spouses of children and their children come over?)

We need more stuff because of more people.  I just need a creative way to keep everything from becoming clutter...then multiplying!  Not to mention my youngest few need the work done for them.  I guess that is fair, I'm the one that let it accumulate.

Although we have been on this Journey to minimalist like living for a while, I think my mind is just starting to understand what it means.  Living with less, so we can LIVE MORE!  It's going to take so very much MORE work to go through all of this "stuff" but I'm looking forward to the process and, of course, the result!  Having stuff that is meaningful and needful instead of burdensome and exhausting!  It would be nice to get down to the point where if we were going to move, we could pack and be out in two days...easily.  (Not that I'm in need of a quick escape or that I'm planning on running.)

I realize that it is not going to happen overnight.  Also, I will never be finished.  A continual work in progress...like laundry.  Something I want to keep today may become something I give away tomorrow.  There are always birthdays and Christmas's where we will get more stuff again and we will need to go through our things, again.  Plus, getting stuff out of your home, your life, can be very emotional.  Things might be brought to light that have been buried deep inside of you that you didn't even know existed.  I've found this out, without any warning.  I wasn't expected to feel angry or so overwhelmed or anxiety or so very tired.  Instead of running from these feelings, or shopping to cover them, it's time to face them and figure them out!

More Freedom!

Yesterday, we gathered a big box of toys that we are giving away.  Today, we went through two boys dressers and we have an entire garbage bag filled with clothing to give away.  The boys said they feel so  much freer.  They can easily put their remain clothes into their dressers with room to spare.  Plus, they kept nice clothes.  The mostly worn out shirts and pants will find new use as rags or the such.

Still planning on de-cluttering the book shelves in the living room and dining room, today.

Tomorrow will be my room!  (I've been saying for two weeks!)

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