Monday, June 29, 2015

Hard Work and I Need a Salad

This week has been so busy.  So much needs to be done as I try to simplify our home and lives.  It amazing how much time, work and energy is involved with decluttering.  Life gets busy and plans derail.  That is why I am doing this.  To be less busy and to be healthy and well to live life...not have life, live me.  (Read that from Dani Johnson on her Facebook page.)

On a few of my days this week, I have subsisted on fast food and hard work.  I’m not eating enough veggies and somedays, none at all.  Not so good.  I need a salad!

But…I’m still here.  I’m not about to give up.  I don’t even need to start over.  Just going to keep going!

My weight remains steady at the lower number.  That is good, too.  My steps/day are not where I want them to be but that’s okay.  Tomorrow will be better.

I haven’t been reading my bible.  That really is the most important.  My focus will now be to get my bible out every morning and read for 10 minutes…give or take.  Pray and meditate.  Then I can get on with everything else in a much better frame of mind.  God is good like that.

My Fermented Salsa is delicious!  I need to eat more of it…all the time.  It makes my tummy feel so good and my taste buds so happy!  I have more fermenting ideas for future blog posts and I will add all of them to my Fermenting Page if you want to have a look.

Oh!  And water!!  I must drink more water.  I’m drinking more water than I was before starting this Journey, but still, it’s not enough.  Especially since it has been so very hot, lately. 

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