Thursday, June 18, 2015

Food Waste Management Manifesto

As I look into the abyss of my refrigerator I wonder about what happens when the door is closed.  Marvellous and Magical are the microscopic life forms that do wondrous and amazing things inside of bags and containers within dark quietness of the back of Bessey, my fridge.

The fungi and fuzzy and slimy and stinky…wonderful microbes at work reverting material into compost to nourish the soil, which in turn, feeds the plants.  Blissfully, I think about the interconnectedness of the little things and how the little things, especially the microscopic things, make the BIG things happen.

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Which is great...BUT…That’s my food!  Slowly rotting in the back of my fridge who’s sole suppose to keep my food fresh!  My food, stored in the containers I bought, becoming a slimy and fuzzy and smelly substance, that was once upon a time for our ingestion and pleasure, now, only fit for the fungi and bacteria and worms.

I don’t want to use my money to pay to feed microbes and worms.  They shouldn’t be getting the choice items that I have grown or bought or prepared for my family.

Today, I am banishing the wastefulness in my kitchen!  I will use what I buy and use up our left overs!  No more will the symptoms of clutter, sleep deprivation and life, keep me from meal planning and following that plan.  No longer will they keep me from nourishing my family to the utmost of my ability.  I will spend my hard earned money wisely.  Food will be eaten and eaten up!

This, I feel, is the battle cry of all stay-at-home Mom’s, who also happen to work eight million jobs, everywhere.  We work our butts off only to be too tired to cut up the broccoli we planned to have as our side dish with supper tonight.  So we go without our veg and that broccoli gets pushed further and further, to the back of the fridge.  

That’s right…my health suffers, as well as my pocket book, when Bessey doesn't hold up her end of the bargain.  

Actually, it’s not Bessey’s fault.  How can she possibly keep food fresh for as long as I’m asking her?  I mean, good food is perishable.  That’s why we choose to buy fresh fruit and veggies.  We want the life that is in them to become part of us.  We want that fresh, tasty goodness to feed our families.  Bessey does a great job with the milk and cheese but really, I can not expect her to keep fresh produce, fresh, indefinitely.

Poor Bessey!

Okay, I admit it.  It's my fault.  Hundreds of dollars every get fed to the worms, or worse yet, thrown in the garbage!  Well, No More!!

This Weeks Food Waste Management Manifesto

-Tonight I will clean Bessey using Thieves Cleaner

-Tomorrow I will go to the grocery store and buy what I need.  

-This week, we will use every morsel, feeding ONLY the scraping and cuttings to the worms, and saving the best for us.  

-Leftovers are going in the fridge, and will be used up within two days.

Working on the meal plan.

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