Saturday, May 30, 2015

Peace & Calming to the Rescue!

There is NO way that I can thank God enough for the gift of Young Living Essential Oils!  The help  the oils have given my family is immeasurable!  I am a better mom because of them!

Today, my little man was having a full fledged FREAKOUT!  He very much wanted to listen to "Let it Go" from the Movie Frozen on my iPad.  Sorry, Little just can not do that all day.  He was screaming so hard and loud that he was covering his own ears!

Everyone, including me, was going crazy.

Then I remembered the Bedtime Cream I use every night on my youngest kids.  It's not bedtime but I needed to do something and it's already diluted with coconut oil to help the oils cover a larger area.  When I use this concoction on my littles at night, its just minutes until they fall asleep instead of an hour.  They like the individual attention from me, too, I'm sure.

Using a spoon, I pulled out about 1/2 a teaspoon of the cream and started gently rubbing it on his back.  It melted quickly and was very smooth and easy to rub in, even in his distraught state.  Within a minute he was quieter and when I stopped, he asked for more Bedtime Cream.  I used another 1/4 teaspoon and two minutes later he was completely done crying and had started eating his lunch.

Amazing!  He never just STOPS.  He is very strong willed!  I didn't need to "give in," nor did I need to "break" his will.  I was able to help him get control of himself!

I was able to help him to be him!  That feels so very right.

Bedtime Cream

1/2 cup of coconut oil
12-16 drops of Peace & Calming Essential Oil from Young Living
8 drops of Lavender Essential Oil from Young Living

If your coconut oil is hard, use a double boiler type of set up to warm it just enough to stir it.  No need to get it hot...just raise the temp three or four degrees.  Add the Essential Oils to the coconut oil and mix it together very well.

I keep mine in the fridge because my house runs warm in the spring and summer months.

From total freakout to this!

I hope that you will try this Bedtime Cream and let me know how it helps you and your family.  It is truly amazing how it works for my littles...and all of us.  If you want to purchase these oils for yourself and have them delivered to your door, go the the Young Living Essential Oils page, using my distributor number 2807411, and order these oils and any others that you'd like.  You can even become a distributor yourself with no sign up fees but then you can get 24% off all of your purchases.  For more info, look at my Essential Oil Page.

Please remember that I am not a doctor and can not diagnose anything.  Alway consult your doctor.

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