Friday, May 22, 2015

In the Begining...Resistance

Star Date 20150522*

Personal Log

The beginning has begun.  Checking for resistant feelings and thought patterns.  Finding a plethora.  I am not captive to my thoughts and feeling.  I will do what has been decided for the betterment of my future self.

End Log

I am quite a fickle thing if left to myself.  My emotions and the way I feel, what I want to do in the moment, tend to dictate my actions but that leads to bad decisions and many Super Mistakes. 

What I need isn't rules so much as guide lines.  Rules are made to be broken, right?  Even the ones I make for myself.  lol  Also, I'm not good with restriction.  Makes me WANT that THING I'm not suppose to have even more!  If I say no more sugar, betcha I'll be eating chocolate bars for lunch!  AND supper!

So instead of rules and restrictions I'll give myself some a guide.   Thinking now so I can just do it later because pizza is quick and easy and everyone will eat it but...we need Vegetables.  And just so you know, we had pizza for supper.  No salad. 

On to the

Guide for the Journey to Health! 

* Read my bible every day.  Pick a spot and start.
* Memorize one verse a week.  Doesn't matter which ones.  I'm going to start with Proverbs 1:1.  My goal is to memorize all of the book of Proverbs.  Cause I can.
* Take time to relax and reflect on life lessons I'm working through.
* Take time for me.  Pamper and take care of ME.  Hot baths, reading, relaxing, Minecraft.
* Keep my home tidy.  This doesn't sound "spiritual" but I can't relax if the house is cluttered.  Turning out the lights help but the dark can't hide the truth...Clutter Monsters live in my kitchen!!  And living room.  And bedroom.  Eek!
Take time to be with my family!  Highly spiritual!  Connecting and loving and living and growing with each other.  Love it!


* Relax!  It's okay if the laundry isn't folded. 
*Diffuse Peppermint or Citrus Fresh...Lemon or Orange Young Living Essential Oils to increase concentration and alertness. 
* Read for pleasure!  Imagine that!  I don't have to be a better person or have learnt a new skill after I'm done a book!  I could read Science Fiction Fantasy!  Yeah for Dragons!!
* Read for knowledge!  I can learn a new skill!  I can learn something I didn't know before!  I love the power of words!
* Not my circus, not my monkey.

I have enough of my own crazy...don't need anyone else's.


* Move more!  However I can...move!  I'm blessed to have a treadmill.  Now if I would use it!  Stretching is the best thing ever...after foam rolling.  I love running!!  Just need to do it.  And I love love love to lift heavy! 

* Drink more water!!  I'm not saying float around but drinking water before I'm crazy thirsty, or simply crazy, would be a great idea.  Add the same Young Living Essential Oils,  Peppermint or Citrus Fresh...Lemon or Orange to flavour the water and entice me to drink more.  Grapefruit is said to help break down fat.  Plus it's so yummy!  Always drink citrus oils using a "glass" glass because the Essential Oils will pull the petrochemicals out of plastics.  Good news is that they may also pull those same chemicals out of your body when ingesting them!
* SLEEP!  Something I always take for granted.  Must sleep more.  I'm sure all the zombie moves get their female (and sometimes male, because I'm an equal opportunity, sleep deprivation kind of gal) "zombies" from school drop offs, indoor playgrounds and all night grocery stores. 

My dream is that I could get to bed every night by 10:00.  Read a bit then go to sleep.  Well, I have teenagers!  They are always coming upstairs for one thing or another.  Just when I think I can relax, here comes another teen.  Drinking milk. I need milk.  All night I come!  Then, when I'm finally asleep, I wake up to the three year old throwing his feet on my chest like he's stomping a velociraptor to death!  (When did he come to my bed?)  I'm too tired to put him back to bed.  I just pray he would be still long enough for me to go back to sleep.  Almost long enough, my boy...almost.  Shall we try again?  Then the cat wants out.  Kick and kick.  That's not my finger up my nose.  Kick kick.  Cat wants back in...but not really.  He's just wants to know I love him.  Kick.  Nope...he wants in after all...and he wants pets.  That's all before 2:00 am.
Sleep is so important.  Health suffers immeasurably without enough sleep.  Not to mention my ability to laugh and have fun suffers...and that is just not any amount of awesome.  I need great sleep for the little I get.  Fortunately, I am a great sleeper!  Two minutes tops from the moment my head hits the pillow until I'm asleep.  It's wonderful!
*Fresh air!  I need to get outside everyday and breathe the air.  Something about outside air is so invigorating and stimulating.  It wakes me up in the morning and helps my kids sleep at night.  What a wonderful blessing it is and it's free!
* Food.  Not just any food but great tasting Nourishing food!  Not too much, not too little.  (Maybe a little, littler than I'm use to having.)  Food from not so many boxes.  More fresh veggies.  More Fermented.  More slowness.  Taking time.  Time to nourish my family.  Time to teach my children to pause and smell and taste and create.  Food is the art.  Time is the canvas. 
And after all of that...there is NO WAY I'm going to do all of that!!  Not tonight.  Not with the day I've had.  Not with the busy life I lead. 
But instead of doing all of it...what if I choose one of these things to do.  Just one.  I can do one tonight.  Not cleaning the house but I can read my bible.  Then maybe I'll do another.  And tomorrow night, I can read my bible again.  Once I've read my bible a few nights in a row, maybe I'll add another of these ideas. Might even fold some clothes.
I'm an all or nothing girl!  But maybe I don't have to be all or nothing about everything.  Maybe I can chill out a smidge.  A bit of moderation in my Journey to my life.  Figure out what is most important to me and do those things.  Maybe I don't need to be everything, do everything.

* made up my own star date system because the math hurt because...sleep.

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