Saturday, May 16, 2015

And So it Begins

Today I begin a new and old journey.  Since my daughter was born, over five years ago, I haven't felt right.  I know that I'm getting older but this isn't how I want to feel.  My plan is to be "here" for a long, long time but I want to be able to run and play and think and read the whole time I'm alive!

This isn't about weight loss...although that is part of it.  It's more than that.  I want Super Health.  Physical, Emotional, Spiritual.  The whole Enchilada!

Although my Super Mom cape is still in pristine shape, always will be because I've got Super Kids, I'm not jumping as high or with as much vigor as I use to.  Lots of the time I'm content to walk around the building instead of jumping over in a single bound.  My Super Brain is lost in the fog that drifts and floats where the breeze of my thoughts take it.  I can hear Super Brain, it just takes more effort to find the direction it is coming from.  My Super Energy has left.  I'm sure it's hanging out in the bottom of coffee can because a bit of my remembered power rubs off on the coffee and comes through when I perk them.

On the bright side, my Super Sleep is as awesome as ever!  My constant companion.  Always, by my side.  Morning, noon and night.  Always Super Sleep is exerting's powerful self.  I still have Super Attention, as well.  Unfortunately, Super Attention has drifted to things that don't need my attention, like Facebook, Pinterest and Netflix, and away from Meal Planning and Reading and Fun/Life, God.

I have started this journey before but I won't start it again!  The secret is to not stop.  Imagine something so simple as that.  We never stop.  Our journey to health is part of a larger we only finish when we are on the other side of the turf...when we come face to face with our Creator!  (But then is when Journey really begins!!)

This isn't going to be perfect.  Mistakes are going to happen.  Many many mistakes.  I may even have Super Mistake power.  But quit?  No.  Keep going.  No stopping.  Learning and moving and reading and singing and laughing and drawing and playing and loving and snuggling and eating and living and crocheting and Minecraft and dancing.

So let us Journey together.  Journey to health.  To Super Health!  Our Super Health with carry us on to whatever we have been Created to do and will aid us in accomplishing the monumental task of Living the glorious gift of being alive. 

I hate going around when I'm meant to go over.

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