Sunday, February 26, 2012

Glimpses Of...(Birthday Edition)


school books

Ginger beer bug

My Beauty

school books

Popcorn and hot chocolate

Winter back yard on my birthday


little man, 4 months today

1. Buckwheat pancakes, Blinni.
2. Book for my babies.
3. Beginnings of probiotic Ginger Ale.
4. Little Miss. Jelly Bean
5. Book for my bigger babies.
6. Popcorn, hot chocolate and Cars 2 for lunch.
7. My backyard this morning. Finally some snow.
8. Our dishes, where the littles can reach them, for ease of table setting.
9. Little man! Oh, I could squeeze him all day!


  1. I love how you do your "life in pix"! I have got to give it a go one of these days... for now I am making saskatoon muffins and preparing a nice supper for tonight. :) Reading, too.

    1. Saskatoon muffins sound awesome! Hope your supper went well and your reading...undisturbed!

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