Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Little Bloggers

Two of my boys have decided to join the blogging world. It's taking a whole lot of my time and I'm stressing a bit about what isn't getting done by me.

It's learning how to blog that takes the most time. Not to mention they want to add pictures which takes even more time. And I'm only just learning.

So here they are.
C-Rex's blog Little Toes.  He is 9 years old and did all the photography himself.
Little-E's blog Little-E's Blog-E.  He's 7 and had help from C-Rex with the photos.
Stop in and say Hi.  They'd love that.

Now that they have both posted for the first time, the questions/fears I have are starting to edge to the front of my thoughts. How do I make sure they are protected? Will they consider each others feeling when writing? Will this just be another excuse to use the computer?

But then I think about the possible good that can come out of their blogs. First off, they are writing! Anything that can get them excited about writing can't be that bad. Plus spelling practice, which we have never really worked on. (Spelling comes with reading and writing. Using the language.) Communicating, getting your idea across to others (isn't that the reason for communication?) Plus, they want to teach. (I love it.) Either that or they want to tell others what to do but isn't that what we all want? ;) AND lets not forget computer skills.

They are reading and re-reading, editing, trying to make what they write say what they mean for it to say. Boy, can I relate. Building the skills needed in the real world and having fun doing it.

In school, I remember writing essay after essay that had no purpose. Just another essay in the pile of essays on my teachers desk. They were trying to teach form and grammar, punctuation and spelling but in the end I felt a failure for not jumping through the hoop well enough. Now look at me! There is spell check! Why did I have to go through hours of drills to only just get by? I spell much better now, thanks to my children learning to read.

If my children are not yet able to grasp some aspect of "school," at some mile stone age...so what! Sure, we will work on what they don't get, but not to the point that they think somethings wrong with them.  They'll get it later or there will be a new "spell check" that will render the inadequacy unimportant. Writing for the purpose of communication is what is important.

What a great way to communicate...a blog.

My fears have eased a little.  I'm almost excited.  Wish I had a blog when I was young(er.)


  1. too funny! We just set up my 8yo boy with a blog a few weeks ago! www.scienceboyalex.blogspot.com (he came up with the name himself)

    We did it for similar reasons. I'm looking into a kid safe email account (I've narrowed down the list) so he can post under his name and not mine. I worry about unsavory people having contact with him.

    When we start school again next week and they're home from camp, I'll have him read your boy's blogs!

  2. Crystal - Thanks for looking and following the boys. Please share your kid safe email when you find a good one. We are going to check out your sons blog in the morning.

    Blessings, Anita