Monday, August 16, 2010

Lime Green and Brown Jelly Bean

My little girl has been here for over six months now (like I've mentioned before) and it has been killing me that I haven't sewed any clothes for her.  After 12 years of boys, you would think I'd get right on the "sewing for girls" wagon.  Ruffles and frills and lace...oh my!  The problem though, not that it is a problem, is that as a mother, I still have to look after the little girl and four boys.  What should only take an hour takes days and I'm grouchy the whole time because, darn it, it should only take an hour.

So, Friday I decided to try to sew a dress for Jelly Bean.  A T-shirt dress.  I thought about taking pictures to do a tute for it but I was making up a pattern as I went (using a pattern but changing it to work for me,)  it would take forever to finish, if I ever did finish it and it wouldn't turn out how I wanted it to anyway.  (Perfectionism rears it's ugly head again!) 

Well, 2 hours later (sure the baby cried a bit and I unfairly wrangled Monkey into carrying her around for about 20 minutes) it was FINISHED!

Hurray for me!  I used this tute to change my t-shirt pattern from Kwik Sew's Sewing for Baby into a lap t-shirt pattern.

Get a load of the cuteness, dipping like honey, off this little girl!

Anita's Creations 016

The pictures are a bit dark...

Anita's Creations 017

...but she is so cute! She's helping me with the laundry.

Anita's Creations 018

That's Monkey holding her up.

Anita's Creations 003


  1. What a fun dress! I'm glad you were able to get some sewing time in, that always makes me feel better. I haven't had time to sew for my li'l girl except for diaper covers. But they are cute!

  2. Hi Krista,

    I need to make covers too. Hoping to find some wool sweaters at the trift store for cheap. It's fun to make something that isn't "needed." We tend to focus only on necessities and somewhere we loose the fun. Thinking she needs a tutu next.