Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Worth it!

After having my friend think through my excuses for not blogging... http://indietutes.blogspot.com/2010/07/worth-it.html I'm giving it another go. (Not that I gave it much of a go to begin with.) She is a wonderful friend, very creative, always there for you and one of the smartest, most interesting people I have ever met. (She is not a hippie, she tells me!) She says it's worth it.

Seeing pictures of my home and family on her blog helped me to see that I do a lot of stuff and others should know how to do these things, too. Easy and healthful. Fun and rewarding. Beautiful...or not. Sometimes I wish I could live in a 2D world, if only for a little while. Gain a bit of perspective.

Our moments, although not always chaotic, do seem to blend into one another. The moments become hours and the hours become days. Even the good stuff. All blending together to form a jumble of knotted yarn, like when you cannot find the end that's in the middle of the skein. You pull but you can not find the end...or is it the beginning? What is it I'm looking for? Wasn't I trying to make something beautiful with this mess?

Frustration begins because there is know time to look at life. At what has been accomplished. The house is a mess and the kids are fighting. The picture in your head of "family" just isn't jiving with what you see around you.

Oh, to take apart the day and visit each moment for what God intended it to be. To look and savour... to taste it and roll it around in our heads... to really understand what has taken place and learn from it.

Re-visit the day and what has been done. To take the time to really see the joyful smile your baby gives to you, because she loves you. To hear the excitement in your sons voice when he tells you something he's learned. To not be so concerned with what family should be and just praise God by loving, enjoying and truly living with the wonderful family He's given.

To re-visit life.

Maybe taking time to write will help to break up my moments. To pull from my skein a moment made beautiful just by really seeing it for what it was made for.

Now I just need to figure out all this computer stuff (be thankful for spell check,) hold my breath and click "publish post."


  1. Why, hello! Welcome to blogging, I'm sure you'll like it.

    BTW, was that water kefir I saw on indietute's? *squee!* I just started kefiring (yup, that's a verb) and I love it.

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Krista.

    No, it's not water kefir. I killed my grains a few years ago and can not find any locally. Have you tried milk kefir?

    What you see (in the smaller jar) is a ginger bug. Home made Ginger Ale is sooo good and good for you. The big jar is Kombucha. Yummy too!


  3. I haven't tried milk kefir, I was until recently a vegan, but now I'm an ovo-vegetarian on the advice of my naturopath (the whole story in this post). And when I eat dairy it makes my little one wheeze.

    Mmm, that ginger ale sounds good! I might have to look into that...

  4. Krista- Have you tried raw milk or goat milk? Raw milk is illegal in Canada :( but if I could have it that would be all we would drink. So good for you, from the right cow of coarse.

    I've one son who wheezes when he drinks milk, but on goat milk he is better and yogurt he's great.

    I read once that kefir makes bad milk good.