Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Learning

Summer Rocks! We've had so much rain that there has been very little time spent outside. So when the sun is shining you won't find us indoors. Boys need to run and run they will. It's better if we are outside.

Our home education never stops. (We been home schooling for 6 years and I still can't come up with a phrase that I feel comfortable with...home schooling...boring; home education...pretentious; child led learning...sounds like I've read to many books on the topic. The last might be the closest.) The best school for my boys is when they don't even know that they are learning at all.

Just being outside is a great teaching tool. They found snails (one with eggs on it's back,) leaches, minnows that they couldn't catch. Hills to run on, flowers to smell. Sticks to find, compare and chase each other with while I'm praying that everyone still has all their eyes at the end of the day. No pictures of that, I was busy not looking ; )

These are not all my children. The five on the right are mine and the two on the left belong over here.

(Just as a side note...I hope I get better at this format. Two hours I have spent on this, mostly trying to get it to look right, and I'm still not happy with it. Grrr. Typing this note has probably thrown everything haywire again...I'm past caring.)

So here we are...

Phys. Ed.




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